16X17 Sheriff Collage Frame
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U.S. Flag Store's Sheriff Collage Frame with Stars is designed to hold 7 pictures. These pictures are set into a double layer of Blue matting with Gold trim. Each corner contains a golden star for added detail. The frame is made from Black with Gold Trim colored wood, and the outside dimensions measure 16-Inches by 17-Inches. The Sheriff Collage Frame 7 Picture Collage Frame with Stars is perfect for proudly displaying the pictures of an individual who is serving, or has served in the U.S. Sheriff.

This Sheriff Collage Frame features:

  • Large Sheriff Collage Frame
  • Double Layer Blue Matting with Gold Trim
  • Outside Dimensions: 16-Inches by 17-Inches
  • Black with Gold Trim Frame Moulding
  • Inside Dimensions: 14-Inches by 15-Inches
  • 7 Picture Openings: One 3.5-Inch by 4.5-Inch Oval Opening
  • Two 3-Inch by 5-Inch Landscape Openings
  • Two 3-Inch by 5-Inch Portrait Openings
  • Two 2.5-Inch Square Opening
  • Desktop Easel and Wall Mounting Hardware Included
  • 16X17 Collage Frame: Yes
  • 16X17 Sheriff Collage Frame: Yes
  • 7 Picture Collage Frame with Stars: Yes
  • Picture Collage Frame: Yes
  • Retirement Gift: Yes
  • Sheriff Collage Frame: Yes
  • Sheriff gift idea: Yes
  • Item #: SheriffFrame8
  • Manufacturer: Flags Connections
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: SheriffFrame8
  • Condition: New

16X17 Sheriff Collage Frame

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