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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

Preserving Honor: A Guide to Displaying Your Burial Flag and Certificate with Dignity


Preserving the memory of a loved one who served in the military is a profound way to honor their sacrifice and contributions. One meaningful way to achieve this is by displaying their burial flag and certificate with the dignity they deserve. In this guide, we'll explore the significance of these symbols and provide practical tips on how to preserve their honor through a thoughtful display.

1. Understanding the Symbolism:

The burial flag and certificate hold deep symbolism, representing the service and sacrifice of a military veteran. The flag is a powerful emblem, draped over the casket during the funeral service and later folded with precision to be presented to the grieving family. The certificate, on the other hand, is an official recognition of the individual's service to their country. By understanding the profound symbolism of these items, we can appreciate the importance of displaying them with care.

2. Choosing the Right Frame:

Selecting an appropriate frame is crucial in preserving the dignity of the burial flag and certificate. Opt for a frame made of high-quality materials that complement the solemnity of the occasion. Consider frames designed specifically for military memorabilia, often featuring elegant designs and finishes that enhance the overall presentation.

3. Properly Folding and Displaying the Flag:

The American flag is folded into a triangular shape during military funeral services, and this precise folding should be maintained when displaying it. Carefully unfold the flag and ensure it retains its triangular shape within the frame. Position the folded flag with the union (blue field with stars) showing in the upper left corner, as this is the traditional and respectful orientation.

4. Showcasing the Certificate:

Place the certificate alongside the folded flag within the frame. Ensure that the certificate is centered and straight for a polished appearance. Some frames come with dual compartments, designed specifically for both the flag and certificate, creating a harmonious and balanced display.

5. Choosing a Suitable Location:

Selecting an appropriate location for the display is crucial. Choose a place that is easily visible and holds personal significance. Common choices include a prominent spot in the living room, a home office, or a dedicated memorial space. Avoid areas with excessive sunlight or humidity to prevent damage to the flag and certificate.


Preserving the honor of a military veteran through the thoughtful display of their burial flag and certificate is a meaningful way to pay tribute to their service. By understanding the symbolism, choosing the right frame, and displaying these items with care, you create a lasting memorial that honors the sacrifice and contributions of your loved one. May this guide serve as a source of inspiration as you seek to preserve the dignity and memory of those who have served our country.