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The Benefits of Drop Shipping

Minimizes risk

Money does not need to be paid upfront to acquire the inventory which means that if the business does not pan out, the only money you have lost is what you paid to get your website started Your business is less susceptible to loss of revenue as a result of changes in tastes or trends because there is no such thing as excess inventory.
Lower volume niche products can be offered along-side popular best sellers.

Lowers costs

New products are less expensive to launch because they do not require an investment before they can be sold. Often you have access to better shipping rates through a drop shipper than you would as a small business shipping your own packages. The number of goods that get damaged during shipment is generally lower when using drop shipping because it reduces the number of times that the product has to change hands.

Offers convenience

All the hassle of packing of products to prepare them for shipment is taken care of for you. You can add new products to your offerings very quickly.

Provides practicality

A storage facility or retail location is not needed- just the website where the items will be sold. Your business can offer a wider variety of products than would be possible if you had to buy and store all of the items you decided to sell. Products that are impractical to store (ex. large products, perishable products, etc.) are easier to sell.
Remember, many drop shippers will allow you to supply your own labels so customers do not even need to know that you are using a drop shipper rather then sending them their merchandise personally. The increase in drop shipping providers and offerings has made it easier than ever to start an online store!
Happy selling!

Dropship Features

  • Instant access to wholesale products
  • Access to new products added monthly
  • Products drop shipped directly to your buyers
  • Pay ONLY after you sold a product and collected the money from your buyer
  • Live order tracking
  • No minimum orders
  • We ship orders for you hassle free
  • We handle returns and canceled orders for you
  • No monthly fee


    You only pay for the merchandise once you have sold it and collected the money from your customer.
    We ship the product directly to your customer on your behalf.
    The shipment will NOT include our company name anywhere.
    The shipment will NOT include the price you paid.
    Your customers will stay YOUR customers and will never know we even exist.
    Your buyers will never know how much you paid for the products you sold.
    You will receive tracking information for each order so both you and your buyers can monitor the shipments.
    We will handle all returns, RMAs, or any other issues related to your orders.

    Dropshipping will allow you to sell many different products with no up front investment. This means that you are not required to pre-purchase any products before selling them! There is no expensive inventory or warehouse to maintain and you won't have to take the time to package and mail the merchandise.

    You simply do the selling and we do all the rest for you!

    Wholesale Orders:

    We can supply large quantities of top quality flags and support many retailers with wholesale product. Our support of our retailer customers is second to none. Please call or email us for wholesale pricing and terms. Our wholesale department can be reached by phone, Monday–Friday, from 8AM-5PM ET, at 631.254.8393, Wholesale accounts are provided to resellers of our merchandise, which must have a Tax ID and Retail (resale) license.

    Wholesale accounts ARE NOT intended for a one time large purchase.


    Whole sellers are welcome to simply purchase and resell our products to make a profit,
    In order to open a whole sale account you will need to have a valid tax ID number, and a legitimate business. There is also a $200 order min. for your fist order and $100.00 for each order thereafter. The first step to becoming a whole seller is to fill out the wholesale application form. Whole Sale discounts and ordering information will not be given until the application below has been received and reviewed by one of our staff members. We look forward to working with you!

    Sales Tax:

    We do not charge sales tax on any orders, except for shipments to the state of NY.

    Canceling/Changing Orders:

    Once your order is finalized through our online shopping cart or with our customer service department, it cannot be canceled or changed for any reason. Once a mail order is received and processed it cannot be canceled or changed for any reason. If a delivery attempt is made and a package is refused you will be charged a penalty that may include, but not limited to extra shipping charges.