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Coin Display Rack With 6 Rows, Walnut Wood, Holds up to 36 Coins.

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Type: Coin Display Rack
Brand: Flags Connections
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Coin Display Rack With 6 Rows, Walnut Wood, Holds up to 36 Coins. - Flags ConnectionsCoin Display Rack With 6 Rows, Walnut Wood, Holds up to 36 Coins. - Flags ConnectionsCoin Display Rack With 6 Rows, Walnut Wood, Holds up to 36 Coins. - Flags Connections

Coin Display Rack With 6 Rows, Walnut Wood, Holds Up To 36 Coins

Shell Casing 6-Row Coin Rack


If you have a loved one who served in the United States Military or if you, yourself, have served, you’re familiar with Challenge Coins. These medallions are given for a variety of reasons in military circles, not the least of which is for recognition of service. During a career in the armed forces, no matter how long, Challenge Coins can come to mean a great deal to someone who has served.

Collecting several of these prizes can add up to a nice collection over time. Many service men and women find themselves with many of these coins but nowhere to display them. You don’t have to be one of them.

Now offering a Solid American Walnut Coin Rack for displaying your collection of Challenge Coins. Handmade from solid walnut, this six-row rack has a clear matte finish to highlight the wood, giving you a one-of-a-kind rack on which you’ll be able to proudly display every coin in your collection.

Challenge coins have quite a history, going all the way back to the days of the Romans when the Empire rewarded soldiers with coins in recognition of their achievements. In America, stories date the idea of challenge coins back to World War 1. Initially given to a flying squadron by its wealthy commander, the coins became a method of identification among the group members during the war and even after.

During World War 2, the coins solidified their importance as recognition for an individual as having been a part of a particular group. Possessing a coin proved one’s loyalty to a particular sect of the armed forces. Exchanging coins with another group also became a sign of friendship and respect. Coin collections include coins given as recognition of deeds and also as an exchange for someone else’s coin. There can be a wide variety of coins in anyone’s unique collection.

Because your collection of coins is unique to you, it is important to have a display rack made especially for you. Each Challenge Coin Rack is handmade right here in the United States by veterans who know the importance of a proper display of military pieces. The love you have for your collection is understood by those who handcraft these display racks, and you’ll be thrilled with how they look.

Each rack holds up to 36 coins and is designed to display at an angle so that all coins show at once. This unique design features the use of two spent military shell casings at the bottom rear of the rack, elevating the back row. In addition, the rack features an engraving plate (engraving additional).

If you have challenge coins from your military experience stored somewhere in an old box, it’s time to bring them out and display them for your family and friends. The Shell Casing 6-Coin Rack is the one rack to meet your Challenge Coin display needs.

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